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Monday, 29 September 2008

Fun Filled Toddlers

Another fun filled week in Toddlers. This week we played with the gloop, and all the children had a great time experiencing how it felt with their hands - picking it up and watching it run through their fingers.
We all enjoyed the sun, getting outside for lots of fun, obstacle courses, sand play and water play.
We celebrated Louis' 3rd birthday and he brought a cool Wiggles cake. It was also Paige's birthday (one of our teachers). Happy birthday Louis and Paige.

Nursery News

Kia Ora.
We hope you are all aware that we had individual and group photos taken this week. All our children surprised James, the photographer when they sat on the bench happily and said, "Cheeesssseee," when the photographs were taken. We hope to get the amazing photo packs soon.
In the Nursery we had a really busy week. We have been doing different activities, such as painting, drawing and gloop to develop co-operation skills among the children.
They worked well together in the group activities, sharing space, resources and experiences. It was great to see the level of respect they had for each other.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Summer is here!!

As we welcome in the wonderful warm weather, and say a grateful goodbye to the rain, we must remind outselves about sun safety for all. Please remember to ensure that your child comes to Preschool with appropriate clothing, i.e. short sleeves, (no singlet tops please) shorts and a change of clothes for water play as it gets warmer. The staff make sure that the children put on sunscreen whenever they go outside, so if they need special sunscreen for skin allergies please bring it in and it will be labelled for your child. They also need easy shoes and a good hat for sunny weather. Jandals or 'flip flops' are not a good idea as they restrict children's movements and hinder their ability to explore. Doing this means that we are all able to play safe and have fun in the sun.
Any questions, please see Karen.
Thanking you - Karen and the Preschool Team.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Gardeners in Preschool

During the past 2 weeks the children have been planting different seeds into their own egg carton, with the help from Karen and Kathryn.
We have noticed in Preschool that our plants have started to sprout, so maybe it's a good time to check your child's plant and tell us about the progress of their plant.
Please remember to water and take care of them.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Pukeko Water Play

Being such a lovely day, the babies in the Pukeko Room were outside on the deck. We had the water trough with some frozen shapes to explore with. We had a frozen cow, fish and a star. The first baby to touch the ice was Zayvian then he was joined by Jasper, Jack, Lavi, Alfie and Brooke. Jack decided to climb into the trough for a closer inspection. When the babies had finished exploring it was the Tuatara children's turn. Annabelle picked up the yellow frozen fish and Emelia picked up a piece of the blue frozen cow, brrbrr! We all had lots of fun as you can see from the photos below.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Toddlers Trip To Lollipops

Lollipops Trip - Tuesday 16th September.
The Toddlers went on their trip to Lollipops on Tuesday. Everyone was very excited about going. We all got on the bus and there was a lot of chatter all the way there. Many of the children noticing what they could see out of their windows. We saw diggers, cars and water. Millar insisted on telling me that there were sharks in the water and that the Sky Tower was a castle.
After all the excitement on the bus we arrived at Lollipops. The children couldn't wait to get through the gate. We all took our shoes off and ran to the playground - parents and teachers included. Everyone had a great time climbing and going down the slides. The big highlight was the REALLY BIG SLIDE, which looked a little scary, but most of the children gave it a go and came back for more too. We also got to jump really high on the bouncy castle.
We stopped our play to have a yummy lunch which all the children enjoyed but it wasn't long before we were all back playing and having a really good time. We didn't want our trip to end . We all had a really good time but 12 o'clock came really fast and it was time to go back on the bus to the centre. The bus was a lot quieter on the trip back with all our tired children coming back to big sleeps.
A big thank you once again to our parent helpers.
See attached photos below.

New centre in Takapuna

Dear Bayfield parents
We are pleased and excited to announce that we are opening a new childcare centre! Carol Crighton (owner of Bayfield Early Education Centre and Whitford Early Learning Centre) will be opening the new centre in Takapuna (corner of Pupuke and Killarney Street) in February next year.

This information may be of interest to parents who have family or colleagues on the North Shore wanting childcare. There will be 2 licenses on the same site both for over 2 year olds. One license will be for 2 to 3 year olds and the second one for 3 to 5 year olds.

I will be managing the new centre as well as Bayfield and intend to be running the new centre with similar philosophies and beliefs. My time will be spent between both centres so, clearly, this will keep me busy and out of trouble!

Any questions please see me

Shona Hewitt
Centre Manager

Monday, 15 September 2008

What a Week in Toddlers!!

What a week!!
Wednesday - Awesome Father's Day morning. The children enjoyed the company of their dads. They showed them around their room and outside too. The sun came out and then the rain later in the morning.
Deborah, our student from A.U.T. finished on Friday and we hope she will do well with her studies.
Have a look at what our children were doing on Friday. Sacha, Maxwell and Roman were being creative and adventurous.
Farewell to Cristian who is going up to Preschool and welcome to Matthew from Nursery and also to Sacha.
Cindy (Toddler teacher) has had a baby boy, 52cm long and he weighed 3.46kg. Congrautlations, Cindy!!

DON'T FORGET - "TODDLERS TRIP" On Tuesday we are going to Lollipops in Birkenhead so please be at the centre NO LATER than 9.00 a.m.

Nursery Week

We had such a busy week in the Nursery. We welcomed our fathers on Wednesday and it was great to show them what we do, a big thank you to those who attended.
In the Pukeko Room we say welcome to Lavi and Jack, while Jasper S. has moved up to the Tuataras.
Thursday, we painted fish for our new ocean, while Friday brought the arrival of our pirate ship. Come and have a look. Phew, what a week!!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Father's Day in Preschool

We had a fantastic Father's Day. Most of the children in the Preschool had their dads come along for the morning. They spent the morning playing with their child and their friends. The dads joined the children at morning tea time. They spent some time reading the profile books and some of the dads participated in our special mat time organised especially for them. All our Preschool dads that came along had a great morning.
See attached link for photos.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Red Cross Raffle Tickets

We are currently selling Red Cross $ 2.00 Christmas Lottery Tickets at reception. It is a very worthy organisation and we hope you will support it.
The prizes include:
1st prize - $ 24,290 - Ford Fiesta Car
2nd prize - $ 7,800 - Countodown Vouchers
3rd prize - $ 4,000 Travel of your choice
4th prize - $ 3,000 - Farmers Vouchers
5th prize - $ 2,000 Philips 42" LCD HD TV
There are several other prizes ranging in value from $ 450.00 to $ 2,000.00

Please come and see Shona or Mona at reception for your tickets.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Nursery News

This week in the Nursery we made the most of the fine weather and spent every minute that we could outside.
Each afternoon we had a picnic afternoon tea on the deck. This gave us the chance to spend time with all our friends and enjoy a familiar routine (afternoon tea) in a new environment. Challenges included sandy hands and no table to put our food on. But we worked it all out.
Check out the photos to see our sunshine fun.
Some of our younger friends had their first sandpit experience too and enjoyed exploring the textures.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Gloop in the Toddlers

It was such lovely weather during last week that the children had lots of outdoor play.
The children enjoyed making Gloop with the student teacher, Deborah.
They enjoyed mixing the ingredients together, feeling the different texture on their hands and getting very very messy!
See attached photos.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Preschool News

The Weka children enjoyed dramatic play in the family corner this week. They were fascinated to find fairy wings and they enjoyed flying around the room. Some other children enjoyed being shop keepers. Antonia cooked breakfast for the children. Caleb was the doctor and he loved fixing Jack and Abigail. Great conversations were had during this pretend play. They enjoyed working together as a team and demonstrated the virtues of patience, empathy and enthusiasm during the dramatic play.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Nursery News

This week was a very busy week for all of us in the Nursery! We had a good week weather-wise so that was a great opportunity to release the children from the constant cabin fever and take advantage of the beautiful weather and have sand play, bikes, balls and sun! We even managed to have a few afternoon teas outside as well! Our new Head Teacher, Sonia, re-joined us after her three week holiday in the U.K. so welcome back Sonia, it's great to have you back!
Sadly it was also Olivia's last day with us on Monday as Olivia and her family are moving overseas, so Arohanui Olivia and we will all miss you very much.
Sienna Lindsay-Bishop leaves us also for the Toddler Room so farewell Sienna.
Phew, what a busy week!
See attached photos of our outside play.