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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Bayfield Early Education Centre Generosity Tree

Bayfield’s generosity tree

As we have so many families in New Zealand who are not very well off and Christmas will prove to be a bit of a challenge for them this year, we have decided to start a “Generosity Tree”.
We invite and encourage you to talk to your children about this and bring in a wrapped Xmas present (put either boy or girl and roughly the age suitable for).  Encourage your child to participate in the gifting and talk to them about the spirit of thankfulness and generosity at Christmas.  The tree is set up beside the reception desk near the photocopier.  Just pop the present there and we will find a suitable local charity to give them all to before Christmas.  If you have one in mind, please feel free to let us know.
In the preschool the children and teachers have been having discussions about the meaning of Christmas.  Specifically, about kindness, generosity, thankfulness and caring about others less fortunate than us.  We are keen to encourage the children to understand a little bit about the true meaning of Christmas and how important it is to give and not always receive presents.

Thank you for your generosity.

Kind regards
Shona Hewitt
Centre Manager

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wild Things are coming to Black Asterisk Gallery

Please check your pockets for a flyer on The Wild Things - an exhibition at the Black Asterisk Gallery, 10 Ponsonby Road, Auckland from Friday, 23rd November until Monday, 24th December.  This exhibition is especially designed with the children in mind and there are art activities available as well.  Please support Stuart and the team.  For further information, please go to their website

Bayfield Christmas Hamper Raffle

Tickets for our Christmas hamper raffle are now on sale at reception for $ 2.00 per ticket (the hamper is worth
$ 200.00).  If you are interested in buying some tickets, please see either Shona or Mona at reception.  The proceeds of this hamper will go to a charity of the licensee's choice.

The hamper consists of the following:
Skipping rope, Balls, Shaker, Dove Men's toiletries, Barker's chutney, Men's socks, Oyster Bay - sav blanc, Kim Crawford - merlot, Camomile tea, Pasta mixes, Sunblock, Griffins sampler biscuits, Cadbury chocolates, Car freshner, Chocolate wafers, Olivado oil, Vaseline hand cream, Neutrogena Moisturising cream, Bars Bugs, Snack containers, Deeko serviettes. 

Friday, 9 November 2012

Language classes in preschool

Dear Preschool Parents

Would you like your preschool child to learn a language? Maroussia from Fun languages is interested in returning to Bayfield Early Education Centre to teach a language class.
We have an option of either French or Spanish on either a Wednesday or Thursday?  If you are interested please can you respond to the following.....

Please circle what is relevant

I am interested in my preschooler learning a language

Yes            No

I would like them to learn

French             Spanish

My preferred days are Wednesday       Thursday

Please note that the tuition fees for these classes are to be paid directly to ‘Fun Languages School’.  One of our teachers will be in attendance at all times.
Thank you for your help.  We will let you know if there are enough children for a class.

Kind regards

Shona Hewitt
Centre Manager

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Calendar orders

Dear Bayfield parents

Tomorrow 9th November is the LAST DAY FOR CALENDAR ORDERS!  please make sure you put your orders in before this time.  All of your children have created artwork specially for this so don't pass up on this opportunity.  They make great Xmas gifts for extended family.  If you have lost your order form please ask the HT's or call in at reception and ask either Mona or Shona for one.



Monday, 5 November 2012

last day for calendar and diary orders

Dear Parents

Friday 9th November is the last day for Calendar or diary orders.  You have had the order forms in your pockets for the past month.  If you have lost it and require another one please see either the Head Teacher in your child's room or ask at reception.



Friday, 2 November 2012

Some advice for parents with picky eaters

Parental control at meals key

There are a lot of frustrated mothers pulling their hair out around dinner tables up and down the nation according to a new fussy eating kids survey.

The Anchor CalciYum Food Solutions research says 85 per cent of mums experience "fussy eating" behaviour and for three-quarters of them these daily food battles cause moderate to high levels of anxiety.

the survey polled 1000 mothers with children aged 3 to 11. Anxiety was attributed to a motherly desire to see their children receive sufficient nutrition.

Fiona Boyle, a Tauranga-based dietitian and nutritionist, agreed.

"Overall, it shows there are concerns that they feel their children are not eating a good enough variety of foods," Ms Boyle said.

Fussy eating profiles uncovered by the research included: Children not eating vegetables (58 per cent) and being picky about texture (49 per cent); to those who would only eat certain coloured foods (8 per cent) and some who displayed a strong preference for takeaway food (6 per cent).

Ms Boyle, founder of Food Solutions, said catching the problem early was important.

"Some parents come to me after four or five years and it is much harder to deal with once it's been established for that long," she said.

Children had differing rates of growth and appetite. The amount a child ate would often diminish in line with a growth spurt.

"That's not always expected by the parent, so they get worried," said Ms Boyle.

Strategies for combating fussy eating centred on being in control at meal times.

"If the child doesn't eat the meal offered don't turn around and give them their favourite vegemite sandwich. They will just learn that they can hang out and wait until mum gives in and gives me something else," Ms Boyle said.

"The parent's role is to choose what's on offer and it's up to the child whether they're going to eat it. What you don't want to see is an early establishment of 'Oh well Jimmy won't eat this so I won't bother putting it on his plate'. You have to keep on offering.