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Friday, 24 February 2012

Volcanoes and dinosaurs

Volcanoes are fascinating to kids and adults alike. Our four year old children wanted tolearn more about the Volcanoes when Jamie brought a book about Volcanoes and two
Volcano rocks from a beach. The whole week we’ve learnt about

*How volcanoes are formed?
*Why do Volcanoes erupt?
* What is lava?
*How many Volcanoes are there in New Zealand?

We also had conversations about the dinosaurs that lived around the “Jurassic Period” when Volcanoes were main part of the landscape. We’ve read the story, “Dazzle,the dinosaur” and interesting conversations emerged about the dinosaurs. We will be extending the children’s interest in dinosaurs and volcanoes by providing interesting child initiated first hand experiences.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

"Stretch-n- Grow"

On every Wednesday, Leisha, our “Stretch-n-Grow” instructor visits us to do music and movement activities. “Stretch-n-Grow” is a comprehensive early childhood physical education, nutrition and wellness enrichment programme, designed to develop and promote good health and fitness habits in young children. This programme embodies the principles of early childhood curriculum, TeWhaariki.
The children had awesome fun when Leisha did ‘catching the bugs with peg’ activity. Leisha also talked to the children about different muscles in the human body and did movement activities to strengthen them. The children felt their hearts racing after the work out and were appreciated for their efforts with a special stamp.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Who are we?

In the four year old room we have decided it might be interesting to look into who we are as human beings.

We are going to explore what we look like, what we enjoy, what we want to be and take a deeper look into what makes us special as individuals.

We are all so different, so it will be exciting to have a better understanding of our individuality, as well as the role we can play within our community.

It is important that we understand ourselves as people, and get in touch with what we can to be in the future through learning about ourselves we can get a better understanding of how our bodies and our minds work.

Let’s see where this takes us.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Goodbye to our friends

This week was a very exciting, but sad week as we said goodbye to Nate, Ella, Emelia, Zane and Sophie. They are all starting Primary school, so we wish them all the best!
We are loving the warm weather and are having lots of water play, so we would really appreciate it if the children have some spare clothes.
Next Thursday is our water fun day and lunch box day, so can you all remember to bring your childs togs, towels and sunhats all in a named plastic bag, along with their lunchbox with lots of healthy options. Spreads containing nuts such as Peanut Butter and Nutella are not allowed, and so are the muesli bars that contain nuts, too.
We are closed on Monday 6th February, but will open again on Tuesday, 7th February at 7:30.
Have a fantastic long weekend everyone.
The Preschool Team.