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Friday, 21 September 2012

Team Work

This week, we tried a small group investigation activity to enhance the children’s concept of shape. The children were divided into three groups and were given a set of blocks to work with. Each group had a leader who initiated the conversations and made decisions about the outcome. The children really found the task challenging and hard. The children needed lots of remainders to keep them on track during this task. It was hard for the children to really go ahead with this group activity. We all sat on the mat and then explored different aspects of this group task in terms of what went well and what was challenging for them.

Next time, when we did the same activity,  the children were more comfortable and really worked hard to finish this group task. This activity gave each child a wonderful opportunity to work with a large group of children with different strengths. It also reinforced his/her team spirit and social skills (Contribution).

Monday, 17 September 2012

Olympic ceremony in the four year old's room

The children were very fortunate to participate in the “Olympic Day” that happened in the morning. The children marched around with the Olympic flags, they made to the beat of the New Zealand National anthem. After that the children were put into three groups for playing high jump, running race and overthrow. They had awesome fun and demonstrated team spirit during these games. They were very proud when we recognised their efforts by presenting them with the medals in front of the whole class. This activity enhanced their self-esteem and they are confident to participate without any risk of failure (Well-Being).

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Kids@Play Photography

During the period 20 - 25 September, we have Donna from Kids@Play Photography coming to photograph the children.  Donna has been coming to the centre for approximately 9 years now and she is very professional in what she does.  She takes very natural photos of the children at play throughout the day.  Once she has edited them, they will be available for purchase.  If you do not want your child photographed by Donna, please let us know prior to her coming.  More notices will be displayed around the centre soon.  If you have any queries at all about this, please see Shona or Mona at reception.

Daffodil Day

We are pleased to tell you that Bayfield (as a whole centre) raised $ 216.90 for the Cancer Society.  Thanks to everyone who made the effort on the day with all the yellow outfits and the generous donations for our coin trails and daffodils at reception.