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Friday, 28 October 2011

Hello everyone!

What a awesome week we have had, everyone has come back from the hoildays refreshed and ready to go.With the weather turning slowly turning into summer we have spent most of the week hanging out outside, playing on our newly fixed big bikes and filling the water trough with all sorts of interesting objects. Some old interests have arised such as hairdressing, playing mothers and fathers plus a continued interest in animals.

Although, today has been a sad day having to say good bye to Ryder, Phoebe and Yuki.

Have a great weekend, keep safe and we will see you on Monday

Friday, 21 October 2011

Rugby Dress Up Day at Preschool!

It was amazing that All Blacks made into the final in the Rugby world Cup 2011sporting event. In order to support All Blacks, we celebrated our second “Rugby” dress up day and our littlies were excited about this day. They couldn’t wait to hop on the Biggest Bouncy Castle. They chanted “Go All Blacks Go!” as they jumped on the bouncy castle. Without a doubt, it was a great day of fun and laughter.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Take care Edward!

Bayfield is terribly sad to say a big see you later alligator to Edward Gravit. Edward has been at Bayfield since he was knee high to a Grasshopper, and has been part of the family the whole time.

We will miss his awesome dress ups, his positive attitude toward learning, and just his general personality that has been awesome to have around the place.

It's been great to see Edward grow as a person, and we all have faith that he'll have a great time during the next chapter of his life.

Like anyone that leaves us to adventure through the next part of their life. We hope that Edward can visit us in the future.

Take care.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Rugby World Cup Flags

The Rugby World Cup gave our children an opportunity to get acquainted with the different countries participating in this event. We displayed the flags and the dress code of the countries in our four year old’s room for the children to explore.

The children were very enthusiastic and chose to work on the flags of the countries participating in this event. The flags’ outline was given to them to study the patterns.

They figured out the patterns and drew them on paper and coloured them. Perseverance and practice helped the children to be successful in putting lots of detail into the flags they drew. This gave them an amazing opportunity to explore the difference among the vertical, horizontal and cross lines (communication 3:1).

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Our week in Preschool

We have had another fun filled week in preschool.
The children have had such a busy week, with Playball on Tuesday and French on Thursday.
The weather is definitely getting warmer and the children are doing lots of outside activities. We have been able to build blocks outside in the sun, have some water play in the sandpit, and we are still getting the children requesting rugby game play. Erin and Earl have been teaching the children how to form a correct scrum. This has been tricky, but the children have had so much fun learning different rugby plays. The rugby has got the children extremely interested, and they are learning lots about the flags that we have placed in the room. Monday, 3rd October, is "All Black" day, and we would love to see the children dressed up in all black or white to show our support for the mighty All Blacks. Lots of painting and drawing, too, which has been most enjoyable!

Could you all please remember to bring in your child's summer hat, and if they need to have their own special sunscreen, please drop it in and give it to one of our teachers. It would also be helpful if the children had an extra pair of clothes,since water play will be happening much more often in the warmer weather.

Have a great weekend, and GO ALL BLACKS!!
The Preschool Team.