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Monday, 30 November 2009

Bayfield Christmas Raffle

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Gold Coin Collection

Just a reminder.
Don't forget we are holding a gold coin collection on Wednesday, 2nd December to support Michael Wai Poi, who is shaving his "lid" for Child Cancer.  For those of you who know Michael, he has very long hair, so this will be a huge change for him.  Ethan Wai Poi (older brother of Jasper in Preschool) who attended Bayfield from 2003 - 2006 is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, so we are all sending Ethan out best wishes.  So please support this very worthy cause on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Bike Day

The zooming Toddlers are having a bike day!  This will be happening on Thursday, 10th December, so that means we want to see all the Toddlers zoom in the room on their favourite bike.  It might be a good idea to name their bike just in case there are others the same.
Melissa, Gu, Damayanthi, Margaret and Helen

The Toddler Entomologists

The Toddler children have been interested in bugs and insects such as snails, slugs and especially spiders in the past few weeks.  This morning Melissa and some of the Toddler children caught a Daddy Long Legs in the bug catcher.  Liam, Ranen and Jasper were excited and fascinated about watching it and showing all their friends.  Melissa took the children outside and set it free into the garden, saying goodbye to it.  Check out  the smilebox album below.  
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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Abacus Calendars

All Abacus calendar orders must be returned NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, 27TH NOVEMBER.  No orders will be accepted after this date.  If you require another order form these are available at reception and all of the children's artwork is available for viewing in their rooms, just ask one of the teachers if you would like to see it. 

Playball in Preschool

This Wednesday (25.11.2009), Playball is coming to Bayfield to do a free demo session with ALL 3 and 4 year old children.
Playball is an early childhood programme which helps develop the fundamental building blocks of sport, agility, balance and co-ordination.  Most importantly - Playball is FUN and engages the child's imagination!
During Playball, children are also exposed to a range of different sports skills for tennis, cricket, hockey, rugby, basketball, baseball and volleyball.
Playball sessions are 45 minutes in duration and will possibly be starting next year at Bayfield.
We invite all parents who are interested to come along and watch this free demonstration session.  It will be fun!

The class introduces young children to structured exercise in a fun environment. 
The cost per child for this programme works out approximately
$ 60.00 per ten week school term.  This cost will be seperate from the Special Fund Account.  The class will not start until February 2010.  It will run on the same day every week so only the children attending on that day will be involved.
If your child is starting or leaving at any stage, the initial cost will be worked out as per the number of weeks that your child will be attending the classes.
To assist us in knowing whether you are interested in your child participating in the programme, please fill out the form which will be in your pocket.  If you have any questions regarding this programme, please feel free to come and see either myself or Shona.
Oriana and the Preschool team.

Monday, 23 November 2009

The Nursery Week - 16 - 20 November

We have had another busy week in the Nursery.  Amelie is settling in well, as is Theo, who was visiting on his own for the first time this week.
We have finished most of our paintings for the calendars so please come and check them out, they make great Christmas presents!
We are busy working through plans for the changes to the Nursery, something that we are really excited about.
Check out the attached "Daily Diaries" for a closer look at the week's happenings.
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Thursday, 19 November 2009


We have been inside and outside all week, as the weather tries to decide what it wants to do.  Our new friend, Theo, came in for some visits, while it was Lavi and Denver's last week with us.
Our Pukeko babies are busy moving all over the place and showing off their new confidence in their sitting and crawling.
Farmer Paul came for a visit to the Preschool and we managed to get all of the children across to see all the little rabbits, mice and other animals, which was great fun.
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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Supporting a Bayfield family

At present, Ethan Wai Poi, (older brother of Jasper in Preschool) who attended Bayfield from 2003 - 2006 is currently undergoing treatment for cancer.  Michael (his dad) is joining in the "Funrazor" event to shave his head and raise money for Child Cancer.  For those of you who know Michael, he has very long hair and this will be a huge change for him. 
We would like to help Michael, Tish, Ethan and Jasper by holding a gold coin collection at Bayfield on Wednesday 2nd December to support this worthy cause.
You can follow Ethan's progress on or go to
Please be generous and support the Wai Poi's.  Any donations can be made to the Head Teachers or Mona and Shona at reception before 3rd December.
Thank you
The Bayfield Staff

Nursery Week 2 - 6 November

It's quiet in the Nursery at the moment and we are making the most of it and doing lots of painting and reading books.
Our new teacher, Marama started this week and we are quickly getting to know her as she learns all about us too.
Denver and Lavi have been visiting the Toddler Room in preparation for their big move, while Amelie has been coming into the Tuatara Room and meeting some new friends.
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Friday, 13 November 2009

Farmer Paul Visits Preschool

This week Preschool had a very special visitor, Farmer Paul and his travelling farmyard!  There was much excitement when we went outside and found a pony tethered to the playground fence!  Those who wanted to even got to have a ride.  Inside Farmer Paul's truck were rabbits (babies, mummies and daddies) rats, mice and guinea pigs.  We all got to hold one inside a woolly hat - how lucky were we!  Farmer Paul gave Laura a big surprise by putting a rat on her head...she wasn't very impressed, but all the children thought it was very funny.
We welcome Zane, Roman, Kate and Annabelle who have joined our room from the Toddlers and farewell Taine and Talei who are off on new adventures.  See the albums attached for photos of the children and the travelling farmyard. 

The Preschool Children have rides on Garcon

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Monday, 9 November 2009

Farmer Paul's is Coming to visit Preschool

Farmer Paul's Friendly Farmyard is coming to Preschool.
Please note: this is only for children who attend on a Wednesday.

When:  Wednesday, 11th November 2009
Where: Preschool Playground
Cost: $ 9.00 per child

The Farmyard will be here from 9 - 12  and there will be all sorts
of animals to pat and play with inside Farmer Paul's truck as well as Garcon the pony available for rides.
Please note that if you belong to the Special Fund then $ 9.00 will be deducted automatically deducted from your account.  Otherwise you will be required to pay cash. 
Oriana and the Preschool team

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

St John Safe Kids (Preschool)

This Friday (6th November) the children are having a visit from "St John Safe Kids".  The programme provides the children with the concept of how to keep safe around their homes.  The cost of the visit will be $ 2.00 per child.  If you are in the Preschool Fund it will be deducted from your account. 
This programme is only for the children who attend Preschool on a Friday.
Oriana and the Preschool team

Gardening in the Toddler's & Molly's New Addition

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Welcome to Marama Howells - Nursery Teacher

We warmly welcome Marama to the team of teachers in our Nursery.  Marama is a qualified and registered early childhood teacher with many years experience.  She will be working predominantly in the Tuatara Room but, as with all the Nursery teachers, will spend some time occasionally in the Pukeko Room.  She has a list of your names but please feel free to introduce yourself to her.  She is looking forward to meeting you all and working with your children in the future.
Kind regards

Monday, 2 November 2009

The Week in Nursery - 31.10.2009

Well it was just a short, quiet week in the Nursery but we managed to pack in a whole lot of fun.  In the Pukeko Room our new friend, William, came to visit with his dad, which was really cool.  In the Tuatara Room the highlight was playing with the 'chute' that we borrowed from the Toddlers.  This led to hours of fun (and sore arms for the teachers!!) as we ran and jumped and lay underneath the parachute as it fluttered above us. 
Phew, it's tiring having this much fun!

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