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Friday, 2 March 2012

Learning is fun at Preschool!

For some reason, this Leap Year idea of finding my knight in shining armour, has once again not materialised. Maybe I need to put more effort into the 'leaping' part. mmmmm ........ will need to take an extra handful of multivitamins to get the old knees going!

Thank goodness preschoolers have no interest in such trivial matters and were able to simply get on with what they do best; learning through play.
The investigations that are happening at the moment have them spellbound; volcanoes, dinosaurs, cicadas, body image, chalk making and summer treasure boxes. What a variety!

The Stretch 'n Grow classes have proved to be a great success, and I have even seen a teacher or two, albeit not quite as supple, getting down and boogie-ing to the music!!
Playball continues to be a hit. The new coaches have settled in well, and offer their classes with fun, enthusiasm and encouragement to all.

The teachers in the Preschool are keen to extend the creative activities offered to the children to include more use of recycled materials. These materials will be set out daily for the children to choose and use as they wish. In order to ensure that this is maintained, we will need your input with ongoing collecting of materials at home. I will put a list into your pocket ( easy to keep on the fridge as a reminder), as well as emailing it to you all. Get the children to help, of course.

We look forward to welcoming grandparents to the centre this coming Wednesday, 7 March from 09h00 to 11h00.

Hold onto your hats tomorrow, but do enjoy the time with family and friends.