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Thursday, 28 June 2012

  Why Carpentry?

As children explore with tools and wood, they will use large and small muscles. Sawing, for example, requires large movement, while holding a screw in place requires small-muscle coordination. As children make decisions about design, shape and type of wood to use, they participate in problem-solving skills. If children are working together to saw a piece of wood to build a bridge, they practice social skills. These skills may carry over into real-world settings (Skeen, Garner, & Cartwright, 1984).

Woodworking also allows children another avenue for creativity. When children are provided with enough materials, technical assistance, and limits, they can experiment as they wish. As they become more skilled, they can use more advanced tools and develop their ideas accordingly

When the children involve in simple carpentry task such as sawing a piece of wood into two, they are building self-esteem. When they use their constructions in other play episode, their self-esteem is enhanced. Children's work does not have to be complete in order for them to feel a sense of accomplishment. As with other successes, seeing some progress can keep a child going.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Making triceratops puppets was a great activity for the children to enhance their fine motor skills. They were given a template to work with that has parts of triceratops such as the body, head, four feet and a tail. They needed lots of perseverance and effort while cutting the parts of the triceratops. After this humongous job, they were all set to finish their puppets. It was a bit hard for them to handle the glue when they were pasting the parts onto the cardboard roll. Eventually, it turned out fine when the glue dried up and they couldn’t believe the outcome.
Now, the children are confident in designing their own triceratops that will become an example for their outstanding imagination and creativity.

Bayfield Preschool - Expectations of Children

* Children are to carry their own bags into the centre and find their name tags to put on their lockers.
* Children are to write their own names at the sign in table.
* Walking feet are to be used at all times while inside.
* When using the hallway, "quiet voices and walking feet" are compulsory.
* We must respect the property and belongings of Preschool.
* We must respect our peers, teachers and any visitors in the centre.
* The children are responsible for what they use - they put away what they pull out.
* Children and adults are not to sit on tables.
* We are not allowed to climb or jump on furniture.
* We observe good bathroom etiquette - the toilet area is not for talking and playing with our friends.
* When we come in for lunch time, we stand quietly behind our chair until we have sung our karakia.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A few spaces in preschool

Dear Bayfield parents

Just to let you know we have a few spaces in preschool available over the next few months. Our Nursery is still busy and full with a wait list until next year and Toddlers are also busy with a wait list but, if you are wanting extra days in Preschool, or you have a friend or colleague looking for a placement we can help you. This is likely to be filled up quite quickly, so as usual first in first served.

Please contact myself or Mona (office administrator) if you are interested.

Kind regards

Shona Hewitt

Centre Manager