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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Request to the Parents

We were wondering if anybody would have an old bath or dinghy, which they would be willing to donate to Bayfield. We would prefer it if the bath had no fittings attached to it.
The Preschool teachers are trying to provide new additions to their environment for the children.
If you are able to help, please see either Karen or Shona. Thanking you all in anticipation.

Nursery Zoo Trip

Well the sun shone brightly on Friday as we headed off to The Zoo, such a gorgeous day and a huge success.
Now a Nursery trip is no mean feat to organize, 21 children - check, 7 brave parents - check, strollers - check, food - check, sunscreen - check, the list is never ending.
Finally we were packed and ready to go, after a rather noisy bus trip we split up into out groups and went exploring. Check out the photos to see what a great day was had by all. Also a huge thank you to the parents that came along and helped to ensure the day was a success, we couldn't have done it without you.

Toddler News

Just a reminder about our trip to Cox's Bay Reserve this Friday (28th November). We will be leaving Bayfield at 9.30 a.m. to walk to the park and we will return to Bayfield at 11.30 a.m. All the children need to be at Bayfield by 9.00 a.m. at the latest, so the children can have morning tea and get ready before we head off. We are encouraging all the children to wear sunblock as the summer weather is now upon us.
Farewell to David Olde and Amy Archer who have gone up to Preschool. Welcome to Roman D'Ambros Smith who has moved from the Nursery.
On Friday the 21st November, Gu made Chinese pancakes with the children. First the children went off and washed their hands before they came back to help Gu mix all the ingredients together. Gu let everyone at the table have a turn, either by mixing the ingredients or by adding some green onions to the bowl. When the first pancakes were ready the children were very excited to try them. After waiting patiently for the pancakes to cool down, the children were able to eat the pancakes. They were really yummy!
A big thank you to all the parents who have returned the photo and calendar orders.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Preschool Zoo Trip

On Tuesday, the 18th November, Bayfield Preschool went on a trip to The Zoo. The children were very excited to get on the bus and they enjoyed finding all their favourite animals at The Zoo. They had a yummy picnic lunch while at The Zoo and did lots of activities about the animals when they returned to Bayfield.
See attached photo link.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Nursery News

This week was a sad week in Nursery as we said goodbye to Roman, who is 2 years old now and is moving up to the Toddlers. We also had a happy moment when we welcomed Poppy, who is starting this week, into the Tuatara Room.
We had a really busy week and we all enjoyed the sunshine and all of the available outdoor activities. We had heaps of fun.
Our songs are in big demand with the children at the moment. They enjoy doing the actions for the different songs. Some of our parents have requested the words for the Kaimoana song. Please find these below.

Kina - Kina
Wheke - Wheke
Ika - Ika
Tuna - tuna
Pipi - Pipi
Paua - paua
Kaimoana e hi

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Lost Shoes in Preschool

One of the children in Preschool lost his shoes on Tuesday, 11th November. The parents would appreciate it if you could have a look in your child's bag or give us a clue as to where we might find them. They are Tommy Hilfiger white leather sport shoes, with velcro straps and red and blue inserts with a blue interior. See attached photo.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Toddler Housekeeping

Just a few housekeeping details.

When dressing your child for Bayfield, please ensure that they are dressed in clothing that is able to get paint, gloop, crayons etc on it. Please leave all good clothing for weekends or special events.
Also make sure that EVERYTHING is NAMED. If your child is toilet training, please ensure that they wear pants that are easy to get on and off.
A big thank you to all the parents making sure that your child has a summer hat. Summer is upon us...........(we hope!).

In regards to sunblock. If your child has any skin allergies, please ensure that you provide appropriate sunblock. We don't want any burnt little faces.

Now on to more exciting news.

"Children's Art Calendars and Greeting Cards.
A great xmas present or something beautiful to brighten up a room.
$ 10.00 per art calendar
$ 12.00 per photo calendar
$ 12.00 - all greeting cards

The art calendars are all completed. If you would like to see your child's art, please ask any of the Toddler teachers. There are a few on display on our white board.
If interested in a photo calendar/cards, please follow the instructions on the order form that were in your parent pockets.

Parents, please feel free to have a look at our planning board. (located to the right of the sign in sheet)
Our children are showing great interest in our daily activities, especially science, music and movement and taking responsibility of their own belongings. Please feel free to ask questions or add your own thoughts to our planning board. (Parent's voice)

Special announcement

"Happy Birthday" to Amy Archer and Maxwell Blackmore who both turned 3 this week.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

News From Nursery - Pukeko

Our two new friends in the Pukeko Room, Tamir and Joseph have adjusted well to their new environment. They have been very busy exploring their environment. See them in action - playing alongside other children, who are displaying the virtues of friendliness and enthusiasm while having fun together.
We have been singing this song - "Ten Fat Sausages" all week. The children get very excited when we say "Pop and Bang."

Ten fat sausages sizzling in the pan
One went pop and the other went bang.
Then there were eight fat sausages sizzling in the pan
One went pop..........
Then there were six fat sausages.........
One went pop...........
Then there were four fat sausages........
One went pop..........
Then there were two fat sausages........

Monday, 3 November 2008

Do you Know about our object basket?

This is just a quick reminder notice about the "Object Basket". This is a fun activity that we have in place where we go through the letters of the alphabet in order, a different one each week. Each week the children are encouraged to bring a named object in that starts with the letter of the week. We go through the basket every day and the children learn a lot about letters, their formation and how they are used in words that they know. We also incorporate our cooking sessions each week on different days of the week where the children cook something that also starts with the letter of the week. This letter can be found on our calendar on the blog site and on the white board in Preschool.

We have found that our hungry friends like to try the food placed in the basket sometimes, so we do encourage you to bring in non edible objects please.

Thank you

Karen and the Preschool team of teachers.

Toddlers blog for the week

Some of you may know that Ivy and Patrick started in Preschool last week. We had another new boy called Ryder who started in our room last week. WELCOME RYDER and his family to Toddlers. This week we did lots of exercises inside on the mat while it was raining such as crawling, jumping, running and hopping. We had fun outside when it stopped raining. We also paid a visit to the Nursery playground to have a turn on their new climbing equipment. Some of the children enjoyed getting on the bikes to race around the playground.