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Monday, 20 September 2010

NZ Red Cross Christmas Lottery

We are once again selling the New Zealand Red Cross Christmas Lottery tickets.  These are available at reception for $ 2.00 per ticket.  The prizes include the following:

1st prize - Ford Fiesta - valued at $ 25,990
2nd prize - Ford Fiesta - valued at $ 24,490
3rd prize - 10 night South Pacific cruise - valued at $ 7,220
4th prize - Briscoes Home and Kitchen package - valued at
$ 3,170
5th prize - 3 Night stay at Peppers Clearwater Resort - valued at
$ 2,170

This is a great organisation to support, so if you would like a ticket, please see Mona or Shona at reception.   



Thursday, 16 September 2010

Preschool's trip to the Museum

It’s extremely hard to describe in words how excited and curious our children were when two buses arrived to take us to the Auckland Museum. When we came there, we didn’t waste a single minute to start our expedition.

The museum tells many stories about New Zealand. It’s place in the Pacific and it’s people. The children were delighted to see the weapon collection, the decorative arts and the pictorial collections. The children had one question in their minds, “How did they do it?” which was a bit hard to explain.

Once we entered the Natural History Section, our young scientists bombarded the teachers with numerous questions about the dinosaur skeletons.The major hit with our children was “The Weird & Wonderful discovery centre”. The children were delighted to be able to look, touch, to listen and feel. It’s a place of extraordinary exploration and dazzling discovery, a place where they learnt heaps and had a lot of fun. They were very excited to get up close and personal with all sorts of living creatures. They watched gorgeous geckos catching the flies with their tongue. They opened the drawers and found bugs, birds and molluscs. The most amazing discovery was finding the “Green Golden Bell” frogs. Currently in our preschool, we’ve been through “Frog Metamorphosis” and in particular the children are learning heaps about the “Green Golden Bell” frogs. The weird & wonderful team was surprised when we told them that we’ve got “Green Golden Bell” frogs at preschool and also amazed when our children shared their knowledge about the frogs. This trip definitely strengthened their interest in living things and reinforced their knowledge about different things they already knew such as frogs. geckos, butterflies etc.

Some of our children were not hesitant to sit in the lounge of 7A, Puia St. Here they viewed a terrifying, simulated eruption in Auckland Harbour through the home’s ranch slider. It was displayed by a breaking news report provided by the TV One News Team. What a great adventure!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Change is in the air!

Dear Preschool parents

We have some sad news!  Laura is going on a long holiday overseas in October for 2 months!  (We already knew about this).  However, she has now decided to take a new job as an au pair co-ordinator next year.  She has been made an offer she cannot refuse!  Wonderful for her but not so good for us I am afraid.  We will so miss you Laura and your wonderful music lessons.  Of course, Alice will be leaving to have her baby in October as well so 2 lovely ladies are leaving us.  Alice will be back in April with her baby who will be enrolled in the Nursery so it is not goodbye for her but au revoir or 'see you soon'.

We are currently advertising and interviewing for Laura's replacement and will, more than likely have somebody appointed by the end of September.  We will keep you informed.  It is likely that either Jo or Karen will cover Alice's maternity leave but we will also keep you informed about this.

Afternoon tea on October 5th

We would like to invite the preschool parents to a very special afternoon tea to farewell these 2 lovely teachers in the preschool room.  Please bring a small plate of healthy fruit or savoury food (no nuts or eggs) to share and we will join you to say goodbye. 

We look forward to seeing you here on Tuesday 5th of October.

kind regards


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Additional information about the frogs

These are the websites with awesome addtional information about the frogs and worth checking with your children.

Hope these links will provide additional information about the NZ frogs:

Our second adventure

After the tadpole turned into the frog, the first part of our adventure came to an end until we realised that finding the flies to feed our frog is now the beginning of our next adventure. The children tried everything to feed the frog but our frog was determined not to eat them. We placed the spiders with no results. Even though we bought the housefly maggots from the pet shop, we didn’t get any flies immediately as they take 3 to 21 days to hatch out depending on the stage of their development.

This long wait gave the opportunities to learn many aspects of  the frog ecosystem such as

• Frogs hibernate in winter because it’s hard to find food in winter.

• The food chain.

• They also learnt the life cycle of the house fly (maggots --- Larvae --- Fly) and also the favourable conditions for the hatching of the flies.

After the long wait, finally some flies hatched out and the children were very excited to see the frog’s skin change colour from dark green to bright light green and also to see the frog positioning himself to catch the flies.

Even though we were successful in providing a  favourable environment for tadpoles to turn into frogs during the winter, we found it hard to find the flies for a long time. To our surprise, the frog survived the hunger and we are happy to declare that now we have got plenty of live flies for our frog to munch on. (Yum yum)  We are also delighted to find our tadpoles with two back legs and they are all doing fine even though one of the tadpoles did not develop any eyes.

Hope these links will provide additional information about the NZ frogs:

Christmas Party and Christmas break up

Just a reminder to all our families and whanau that our last day for the year is Friday December 24th at 3.00 pm.  We open again on Monday 17th January 2011.  There are no fees charged for this 3 week period but we would appreciate you settling your account in December for both December and January before you finish for the year.  They are both smaller accounts than usual so should not cause too much financial disruption for you.

Children's Christmas Party

Don't forget to set aside Friday the 10th of December at Western Springs Park (playground area) for our annual Christmas party.  As usual Santa will be there as well as Cornflake the Clown and we will be having a family bbque.  We will provide some sausages and salads and drinks for the children and a present from Santa.  Often families like to bring their own picnic and drinks but that is up to you.  We always have a great time.


Spaces available at Takapuna

Dear Bayfield parents
As always we have a long wait list for childcare spaces here at Bayfield:  approx 1 year for the Nursery, around 9 months for Toddler Room and usually around a year in the preschool.  However, we still have a few vacancies in our Takapuna Centre.  It is conveniently located only 10 minutes from our Bayfield Centre (I know because I manage both businesses and cross the bridge nearly every day).  If you are desperately needing a space we can help you at the Pupuke Centre even if it is while you are waiting for a space at Bayfield.  The contact details are on our blog but you can call 09 4898666 and make a time for me (Shona) to show you through.  It's a beautiful, architecturally designed centre for over 2 year olds and set in the quiet suburban street on the corner of Pupuke Road and Killarney Street.  Our blog address here is and our website is alternatively email me on


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Best friends together forever

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Camera missing

Dear Bayfield parents

We have recently purchased a new camera (Canon) for the Toddlers room.  It is in a small black case.  It is brand new.  Molly thinks she last left it beside her laptop at the teachers' work station outside the Nursery room.  It is missing.  If it turns up somewhere unexpectedly (say in your child's bag by mistake) we would really appreciate its return or if you have seen it somewhere please can you let us know?

kind regards


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Loud Shirt Day in Preschool!!

Who will look the brightest on Preschool's Loud Shirt Day?

Be a star on Loud Shirt Day, Friday 17 September, and help deaf kids learn to listen and talk like their hearing friends.

Loud Shirt Day is the annual appeal of The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Paediatric Programme.

EVERYONE (children and adults) is invited to wear their loudest, brightest shirt on Friday 17th and to bring a gold coin to donate to this great cause!!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Nursery News - 30 August - 3 September 2010

It has been a fantastic week in the Nursery, with the highlight being Wednesday. Not only was it Fathers Day, but it was the start of Spring and the weather definitely came to the party, it was gorgeous!
It was great to see so many of our Dads able to come in to see what happens during the day and we really appreciated the effort. For those that couldn't make it, I hope that you got your cards and presents for the weekend, and remember to check out the Blog and the Daily Diaries to get a better idea of what happens each week.

Have a great weekend and we will see you all next week!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

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Fathers Day in the Nursery - 1st September

It was such a gorgeous morning this morning, what a great opportunity for all of our dads to come and see what we all get up to when we are at Bayfield.
We appreciate that it is difficult to escape from work for the morning so it was great to see that some of you could make it!

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Fathers Day in Preschool!

Fathers Day was a huge hit in Preschool! The dads came in and spent a morning full of fun with their children. Profile books were read, games were played outside, and the dad's even participated in a mat time which ended with all the children tickling them. The children really enjoyed having their dads here for the morning, and so did the teachers. The dads had a great time, too. I bet the children can't wait for next year now!

                                                HAPPY FATHERS DAY for Sunday!