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Monday, 30 June 2008

Nursery News

We would like to welcome Brooke and Alex to the Nursery.
Since the weather has been wet outside the children have been inside most of the time enjoying music and movement, reading and painting amongst other activities.
On Friday, we had a cooking session with Meher making bread! The children had a blast and enjoyed contributing in the process of making the bread. They all enjoyed mixing the dry ingredients and getting the dough ready.
See attached photos.

Friday, 27 June 2008

ABC Cooking - Preschool

This week in Preschool a new display has been created titled ABC Cooking. This space will represent all the alphabetical cooking we now do in the Weka Room.
The children, with the help of the teachers, have developed a set of guidelines to go by when we cook as a group. This display will document all the different stages of our cooking process each week. It will include photos, the child's voice and the current recipe for your information.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Ministry of Health and Education Study

Dear Parents
The Ministries of Health and Education have contracted Cognition Consulting to conduct an in-depth study into the Food and Nutrition environments of 26 schools and ECE centres around New Zealand. Our centre has been chosen to participate in this study on 3rd July. The researcher will need to speak to a group of three parents for 10-15 minutes about their perspectives and beliefs about the promotion of healthy eating at our centre, as well as the perceived differences that centres such as ours can make in getting children to eat healthier. Your participation in this group will help inform the Ministry decisions about future policy directions and initiatives in the area of health promotion in schools. Please let Shona know if you are interested in participating.

The Week In Toddlers

This week has been a testing week for the toddler teachers and children as the weather has been predominantly cold, windy and wet. This has meant that we have spent most of our time inside trying to keep ourselves occupied. We have engaged in a lot of exciting and challenging co-operative activities.
Today Marianne and Molly set up an indoor obstacle course. This encouraged the children to climb the cargo net and planks, roll on exercise balls, play on the mini seesaw and jump on the trampoline. We enjoyed playing on the trampoline. We all waited patiently around the trampoline and counted to ten while only one of our friends jumped on the tramp. We learnt how to practice patience, sharing numeracy skills, gross motor skills and turn taking.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Sad News From Our Hairdresser

Sandy, our hairdresser, informed us yesterday that she would not be returning to do haircuts at Bayfield as she has taken up a permanent position as an Early Childhood Teacher. We are currently trying to find another hairdresser to take on this job, so if you know of a qualified hairdresser who may be interested, please talk to Shona.

Entertainment Books

Just to let you know that we have one Entertainment Book for sale. The book is at reception and will cost $ 65.00. So be in quick as this will be the last one available from us for this year.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Slumber Party in the Toddlers -19/06/2008

There was a slumber party in the Toddlers and all the children came with their pyjamas on and even the teachers were dressed up too. They all looked so cool. We turned off the lights and turned the party music on. D.J. Curtis spinned the c.d. with D.J. Louis. The children started dancing to the music. They laughed and giggled with each other and they danced in so many different ways and just enjoyed themselves. After dancing, a few children felt tired, so they decided to rest on the couch and enjoyed watching movies. The teachers prepared snacks for the children, such as chips, marshmallows, toast, muffins and fairy bread. We all had heaps of fun at the slumber party. See photos by clicking on the link below

Welcome to Rita and Michaella.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Slumber Party in the Nursery

We had lots of fun at the slumber party today. We danced, grooved to the music, read story books and watched d.v.d's while feeling warm and cosy in our pyjamas.
The children also enjoyed buttering their own slices of bread and making chippy sandwiches. We also had yummy ice cream with jelly and fruit salad for lunch.
See attached photos.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Warm Water Play in the Nursery

It was a nice fine morning on Tuesday - the sun was shining and all the Nursery children were outside. So we decided to have 'Warm Water Play.' The children were really excited as they watched the red water being poured into the trough. All the children went straight over to the nice warm water and started splashing it all around and pouring it into containers. Everyone had great fun splashing the warm water and getting very wet! See attached photos.

Weka News

Today the Weka children enjoyed practicing writing the letters of the alphabet and numbers. Alot of effort, memorising, concentration and thinking was done during this activity, as can be seen in the attached photos.

Play Dough Recipe For Parents

We have had a few requests from parents for the following recipe.


1 cup salt
3 tbspn cream of tartar
6 tbspn oil
2 cups coloured boiling water
4 cups flour (approx)

Mix together salt, tartar and oil then add coloured boiling water.
Add flour - one cup at a time until a doughy consistency, then knead on the table with a little extra flour.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bayfield Slumber Party

The whole of Bayfield is having a combined Slumber party!!
Where: Nursery, Toddlers and Preschool
When: Thursday 19th of June 2008
What to wear: Your coolest pyjamas of course.

We will have dancing and grooving to our favourite music while feeling warm and cosy in our p.j's!! You could bring in some music, or even you favourite pillow! Let's get together and have some fun!!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Molly's Wedding

Kia Orana everyone. I thought I would put some of my wedding photos up on the blog for everyone to see since I am getting lots of requests.
For those of you who do not know me I am one of the awesome Toddler teachers (Molly) and I recently got married in Rarotonga on May 23rd 2008. It was a beautiful sunny day and my husband and I, Morrie, were married on the beach, followed by a beautiful reception at the Sails Restaurant in Muri. We had lots of friends and family members come over and join us on our special day.
I hope you enjoyed looking out our wedding photos.
Kia Manuia (farewell)
Molly Sietu

Kea Room News

Farewell to Joe and Sylvana who have moved up to Preschool . Welcome to Ava and Thomas who were in the Nursery and welcome to Aurelia.
In our room planning we have introduced the virtue of "Independence." Don't forget if you would like to add your opinion feel free to do so.
We have some great photos of the "Artists in Action," - Luke, Ivy and Elliot. Look at Imogen, Curtis and Patrick sharing a birthday cake in the sandpit.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Toddlers News

Farewell to Mia and Andy who have moved up to Preschool and welcome to Aurelia.
On Friday the teachers were reading the story about "David." Some of the children were seen role playing their teachers while in the Wendy House. Check out the following link for photos.
Don't forget to check out the planning in our room.