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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Birthday Cakes In The Centre

We are considering our options at the moment regarding the practice of bringing in birthday cakes for the children. There are 2 reasons for this.
* Allergies: There are several children in the centre with allergies, particularly egg allergy and whereas our centre is egg and nut free we cannot guarantee any food from home will be the same. Of course, children with allergies have an alternative to the birthday cake such as marshmallows.

* Healthy food options: We do try to offer the children healthy food at meal breaks and sometimes, the number of birthday cakes that come in to the centre contradict what we are trying to do.


Anonymous said...

We are not averse to bringing in cakes for birthdays. This is the chance for the child to feel special on the day & celebrate with EVERYONE as opposed to the select few invited to his/her bday party.

We are only talking about a small quantity of cake per child.

However, a marshmallow ensemble is always a good alternative as are fruit / marshmallow skewers (then I guess the children would use the skewers as swords! ha ha)

Anonymous said...

I would prefer my child have his cake at home with the family. Firstly, our child reacts to nuts and although it is not life threatening it is something we'd like to keep under control. We also prefer to celebrate 'the cake' with the other family members and take photos etc.

My child thinks fresh fruit and yoghurt is a special treat - even better with sprinkles...with a birthday song and heaps of cuddles you can't go wrong.

Anonymous said...

We are happy to say good-bye to cakes at Day Care. Our child doesn't have allergies but I feel for those kids who do.These kids have to suck it up and go without on the party circuit so it would be nice for them to have a sense of equality at least at day care where there seems to be a birthday cake at least once a week.Am all for a special privilege of treat for the birthday child on the day.

Anonymous said...

While my girls have no allergies I feel for the children that do. I think we should abolish the cakes and instead of fruit kebabs with marshmellows. At my 5 yr old's school they are not allowed to bring in any cakes or morning tea, instead they are to bring a poem or a prayer in and on your birthday you stand up and everyone seems a special birthday song with the words "its your special day".

Anonymous said...

I think birthdays are about celebrating - in whichever way. It could be with cake, it could be with fruit salad. Mix it up to keep everyone happy, but saying 'no' to cake altogether sounds bah-humbug to me. I'd happily supply a list of ingredients in the cake and fruit salad for those who can't eat it.