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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sunflowers in Preschool

Come and see our sunflower display on the wall in Preschool.
On Thursday the 3rd of September Ethan Young brought in a packet of sunflower seeds from his home.
All of the children were very excited. There was plenty of discussion and lots of questions to be answered such as how long, how high, what colour etc.
We planted the seeds in containers for a week or so then planted them out into the garden.
We have been looking after seedlings by watering them regularly and (most importantly) by not touching them.
It has been lots of fun watching the tiny seed grow into seedlings and we will continue to watch as they
grow bigger and bigger.
Some comments from the children:
"I love flowers, and we like yellow too." - Alex
"We can't cut them or they will be sad and die." - Andy
"When the flowers die we can collect the seeds and grow them all over again." - Ethan
"I always eat sunflower seeds. Actually guys I've tasted sunflower seeds in my cereal." - Poppy
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