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Friday, 13 November 2009

Farmer Paul Visits Preschool

This week Preschool had a very special visitor, Farmer Paul and his travelling farmyard!  There was much excitement when we went outside and found a pony tethered to the playground fence!  Those who wanted to even got to have a ride.  Inside Farmer Paul's truck were rabbits (babies, mummies and daddies) rats, mice and guinea pigs.  We all got to hold one inside a woolly hat - how lucky were we!  Farmer Paul gave Laura a big surprise by putting a rat on her head...she wasn't very impressed, but all the children thought it was very funny.
We welcome Zane, Roman, Kate and Annabelle who have joined our room from the Toddlers and farewell Taine and Talei who are off on new adventures.  See the albums attached for photos of the children and the travelling farmyard. 

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