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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Music Class - 10.3.2010

This week's story was 'So-Me and the Secret'.  It revised the Me-So-La sounds and explained how we can whistle the sounds as well as sing them.
We practiced writing the note "C" on the stave and I was very impressed by how well everyone did.  I will display copies of the children's work on the Weka Weekly board and the Music board (which is next to the beds in the smaller of our rooms). 
I introduced a couple of new concepts to the children today - crotchets and quavers.  They got a giggle out of these funny words, which is good as it will make them easier to remember.  A crotchet is worth one beat in music and a quaver is worth half a beat.  This is a hard concept to explain in words so if you are interested in finding out more please don't hesitate to ask me to show you using rhythm!
Joe's dad, Tony, kindly lent us his clarinet today (as mine is in the depths of storage somewhere) and I was able to play it for the children.  We talked about the different parts of the instrument (e.g. mouth piece, barrel, bell) and how it fits together.  I showed them how to put the reed on the mouth piece and explained how it vibrates to make the sound.
Afterwards the music group children stood up in front of the entire class to show off the clarinet.  They shared what they had learnt and I played some more notes for everyone.
Next week is the final class in the ten week block.  At this point we are still discussing where we will go from here, we will keep you posted once we have finalised our plans. 
Thanks Laura

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