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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Music Class - 3.3.10

In this week's music class we revised things that we have already done, such as the 'So-Me' song, looking at the C Major scale, and music instrument bingo.
The new 'So-Me' story was 'So-Me and the dance' which was mainly about different styles of dancing to a variety of musical genres.  The children enjoyed pretending to do all the dances, including the haka and ballet.
I set the children a challenge today, to try and write out the C Major scale.  they had a really good crack at it, but I realised that it was too hard a task at this point.  We will take it back in difficulty a little bit and do individual notes one at a time.  For example, next week we will just practice writing out the C note, and the week after the D, etc.  Practicing writing music notes will help the children grasp the shape of the symbols and their position on the stave (black lines). 
Today I also introduced to the children a symbol called a treble clef .  This appears at the very start of a line of music notation.
We had another great musician visit us today.  Stu brought in his 120 year old double bass (which is like a giant cello or an even more giant violin!) and an acoustic guitar.  He showed us how it works, told us that it can go lower than any other instrument, and showed how it can be played by plucking the strings or using a bow.  The children were able to have a turn playing some notes on the double bass and we enjoyed watching the wonder on their faces that they had made the music themselves!
The band that I, and all our visiting musicians, play in will be performing at the Rakino Island Jazz Picnic on Easter Sunday.  I will put out a notice soon in case any of you are able to come - it would be fantastic for the children to be able to see how all these instruments come together to make a collective sound. 
Keep talking to your children about the things they have learnt in music class, it will help keep the concepts fresh in their minds

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