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Friday, 16 April 2010

Nursery Week

It has been a week of fantastic changes in the Nursery.  The Pukeko children have settled into their cozy new area so well, they now have undisturbed play and are so much more relaxed in their purpose built space.  There are increased opportunities for physical exploration which the older Pukeko children are enjoying.  Vanessa is now spending more time in the Pukeko room as there are more young babies arriving.  Very exciting!
The Tuatara children are gradually discovering that they have so much more room to play in.  There will continue to be changes as we work with the children to optimize the best use of the space that we now have.  The most important aspect of all the changes for the Tuatara children is that they will  now have uninterrupted play with the ability to move freely as they choose.
We wished William a very happy second birthday on Thursday and know that he will have a splendid time in Toddlers.  We certainly will miss you, William!  
A warm welcome goes out to Sam, who has begun settling in the Tuatara room.  We look forward to you joining with us.  Pukeko room welcomed Lilly to their room.  We are sure you will have a fantastic time with us.  

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