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Friday, 23 April 2010

Pukeko & Tuatara News

It has been another fun filled week in the Nursery as the children (and teachers) continue to get used to their rooms. 
All things have been quiet in the Pukeko Room, there are only minor changes being made and everyone has settled in well.  Jonty likes to spend time on top of the loft surveying the older children below and calling out to them as they play.  William, Ruby and Harry are spending a lot of time going not only up the stairs and down the slide but also chasing each other around in the crawl space underneath the loft.  Charli has had a great first week with us and Jules, Charlie, Lilly and Krisarn are showing off newfound abilities in regards to moving.  Imogene is right in the midst of everything that is going on and can often be found joining Jonty in his castle at the top of the loft.
In the Tuatara Room we are still moving around as the children use the spaces and we realise what works and what doesn't.  We have managed to reset up a new art area which has again altered the arrangement of the room.  The children are getting used to being able to choose their play space more freely and are drifting from outside, inside and back again as they get involved in different activities.  We are waiting on some different tables and chairs, that will give the children more independence as they will be able to get on and off their chairs themselves, and hopefully any changes after this will be minor.
We will be continuing to decorate the new environment, keep your eyes peeled for some fantastic mosaics that the staff have completed that should be appearing around the rooms over the next few weeks.
Have a fabulous weekend and we will see you next week.

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