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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Upcoming Events at Bayfield

Friday, 14th May 2010

The Toddler Room are having a Teddy Bears Picnic on Friday. Please ensure your child brings a named Teddy Bear, so they can join in the fun with all their other peers.
This is only for the children who attend Bayfield on Friday

Monday, 17th May 2010
The Preschool Room are having a "Lunchbox Day" as part of the children's transition to primary school. Could each child please bring a healthy packed lunch in a lunchbox or plastic container. We would like to exclude chips, biscuits and lollies as we are focusing on a healthy lunch.
No foods are to contain nuts, eggs or sesame - for example, peanut butter or nuttella as we do have some children in the preschool room with allergies.
This is for the children who attend Bayfield on Monday only.
We are all looking forward to these two events.

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