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Thursday, 26 August 2010

digital fun!

Digital microscopes are fun! Children are naturally curious and digital microscopes allow the children to explore their world- a world they cannot see!

The best part of digital microscopes is that you can set your imagination free and can create more than 200 times the original size of anything you look at. This Digital Microscope will help in creating and capturing images, and also it can record videos and images in your computer. It is fun to learn the procedure and ordinary images can be turned into the astonishing ones. The digital microscopes are perfect for early childhood settings to satisfy young curious minds. These microscopes also allow teachers to plan engaging, stimulating and unique learning opportunities.

Our preschool turned into a big scientific laboratory when Nikita set up the Digital microscope. The children were very excited to see this piece of equipment magnifying the little things. They brought in interesting objects like leaves, small florets, plastic bugs to view them enlarged with clear detail. The children explored the items of their interest and were amazed (exploration 2:3). We encouraged the children to bring dead insects to explore their body parts and also minute interesting objects for further learning.

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