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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Spaces available at Takapuna

Dear Bayfield parents
As always we have a long wait list for childcare spaces here at Bayfield:  approx 1 year for the Nursery, around 9 months for Toddler Room and usually around a year in the preschool.  However, we still have a few vacancies in our Takapuna Centre.  It is conveniently located only 10 minutes from our Bayfield Centre (I know because I manage both businesses and cross the bridge nearly every day).  If you are desperately needing a space we can help you at the Pupuke Centre even if it is while you are waiting for a space at Bayfield.  The contact details are on our blog but you can call 09 4898666 and make a time for me (Shona) to show you through.  It's a beautiful, architecturally designed centre for over 2 year olds and set in the quiet suburban street on the corner of Pupuke Road and Killarney Street.  Our blog address here is and our website is alternatively email me on


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