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Friday, 18 February 2011

We are having new tadpole friends soon in preschool!

Lately the children have shown interest in frogs. They looked over the project that we did last summer on frogs and tadpoles and been through the life cycle of Green golden bell frogs. The children wanted to have some tadpoles in Preschool. This interest was strengthened when we read “Big changes for tiny tadpole” at mat time. The children brainstormed what they would like to learn throughout the investigation. Even though, the children wanted to have tadpoles that turn into different kind of frogs such as tree frog or southern bell( they have examined the life cycle of Green Golden Bell frog before) , the children were made aware of the fact that it is impossible to know what kind of frogs the tadpoles turn into by looking at them as in their early stage of development.
Yet we still carried on with this project as the children were very excited to have tadpole friends in preschool.
The curiosity of children about tadpoles and frogs led to this amazing project. We believe that raising tadpoles and watching them emerge into adult frogs is a fascinating experience. This process is called “Metamorphosis” (change of form) (exploration 1:2).

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