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Friday, 9 December 2011

Hi everyone,

What an eventful week the Preschool children have had!
We have welcomed Molly into our room, and welcomed Rachel back from her holiday!

We put up our Christmas tree which now stands pride of place, within what will soon become our Christmas grotto. It's neat to see the children admiring their handy work and the amount of tinsel they placed onto it.

With the sun shining down, we have painted up a storm outside and in, applied heaps of sun block and splashed about in the water trough.

However, the most exciting part of this week has been in the build up to the Christmas party, especially, the excitement around having Santa join us! With the big Jolly fella coming, it will be interesting to see what presents he will bring us.

We look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

P.S We have had alot of cases of head lice swinging around our room, so can you please re-check and treat your children's hair.
(We will be checking this on Monday)

Kind Regards,

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