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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Wow, amazing long serving staff at Bayfield!

Out of interest I looked at upcoming anniversaries of all our Bayfield staff and thought I would share with you how long our lovely, dedicated staff have worked here.

Next year......

Shona        13 years
Joanna       12 years
Mona         11 years
Molly         11 years
Karen         11 years
Meher       11 years
Oriana        9 years
Rachel        8 years
Gu               8 years
Cindy          7 years
Cassandra  7 years
Usha            7 years
Melissa        6 years
Helen Z        4 years
Damayanthi   4 years
Marama       4 years
Earl               3 years
Helen H        3 years
Vanessa       3 years
Jean     3 years
Erin      3 years
Catherine  2 years
Iveta           2 years

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