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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Preschool News

On Wednesday the 17th February we had our second musical visitor to Preschool.  There was great excitement when Bill arrived with his trombone.  He told us all about the instrument and showed us how it worked.  We got to hear how it sounded too, of course.  Then we all lined up to get a look up close and Bill spent time talking to each of us about the valves and slides on the trombone.
Over the last couple of months, Laura has been working on a secret project - Preschool Block People.  the block people were finally finished and unveiled this week.  The children were excited to see why Laura was taking funny backwards and forward photos of them all this time!  The children are proud of their blocks so make sure you check them out next time you are in the classroom.  Please note that the block people are for playing with at Preschool ONLY and not to be taken home.  If you notice any have snuck home, could you kindly send them back please

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