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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Change is in the air!

Dear Preschool parents

We have some sad news!  Laura is going on a long holiday overseas in October for 2 months!  (We already knew about this).  However, she has now decided to take a new job as an au pair co-ordinator next year.  She has been made an offer she cannot refuse!  Wonderful for her but not so good for us I am afraid.  We will so miss you Laura and your wonderful music lessons.  Of course, Alice will be leaving to have her baby in October as well so 2 lovely ladies are leaving us.  Alice will be back in April with her baby who will be enrolled in the Nursery so it is not goodbye for her but au revoir or 'see you soon'.

We are currently advertising and interviewing for Laura's replacement and will, more than likely have somebody appointed by the end of September.  We will keep you informed.  It is likely that either Jo or Karen will cover Alice's maternity leave but we will also keep you informed about this.

Afternoon tea on October 5th

We would like to invite the preschool parents to a very special afternoon tea to farewell these 2 lovely teachers in the preschool room.  Please bring a small plate of healthy fruit or savoury food (no nuts or eggs) to share and we will join you to say goodbye. 

We look forward to seeing you here on Tuesday 5th of October.

kind regards


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