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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Preschool's trip to the Museum

It’s extremely hard to describe in words how excited and curious our children were when two buses arrived to take us to the Auckland Museum. When we came there, we didn’t waste a single minute to start our expedition.

The museum tells many stories about New Zealand. It’s place in the Pacific and it’s people. The children were delighted to see the weapon collection, the decorative arts and the pictorial collections. The children had one question in their minds, “How did they do it?” which was a bit hard to explain.

Once we entered the Natural History Section, our young scientists bombarded the teachers with numerous questions about the dinosaur skeletons.The major hit with our children was “The Weird & Wonderful discovery centre”. The children were delighted to be able to look, touch, to listen and feel. It’s a place of extraordinary exploration and dazzling discovery, a place where they learnt heaps and had a lot of fun. They were very excited to get up close and personal with all sorts of living creatures. They watched gorgeous geckos catching the flies with their tongue. They opened the drawers and found bugs, birds and molluscs. The most amazing discovery was finding the “Green Golden Bell” frogs. Currently in our preschool, we’ve been through “Frog Metamorphosis” and in particular the children are learning heaps about the “Green Golden Bell” frogs. The weird & wonderful team was surprised when we told them that we’ve got “Green Golden Bell” frogs at preschool and also amazed when our children shared their knowledge about the frogs. This trip definitely strengthened their interest in living things and reinforced their knowledge about different things they already knew such as frogs. geckos, butterflies etc.

Some of our children were not hesitant to sit in the lounge of 7A, Puia St. Here they viewed a terrifying, simulated eruption in Auckland Harbour through the home’s ranch slider. It was displayed by a breaking news report provided by the TV One News Team. What a great adventure!

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